Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Pics


little owl

Tummy Sleepin'

First "real" bath

all clean! :)
As soon as I figure out how to edit it, I will post the video of the bath later!

First visit to daycare!

Just a quick little preview of Keegan's first visit to daycare...

It was super fun.. 
The preschoolers were SOOOO excited to see him... 
and VERY curious about how he got out of my belly. :)  
Good thing I could be very simply honest and say that they took him out of my tummy at the hospital!! :)


Thursday, May 5, 2011


The day after Easter, Grandma and Grandpa Johnson came up, and on Tuesday, Aunt Sunni and Cousin Ben came!  Fun times were had :-) Grandma and Grandpa were thrilled to be snuggling the newest grandson. And FYI on Tuesday Grandma and I took Keegan to his third weight check - 7 lbs 7 oz people... so there Doc! My child is gaining weight just fine! HAH :)

Aunt Sunni enjoyed holding her nephew, but Ben was a little unsure about this little bundle at first.  By the end of the week though, even Ben was giving Keegan loves... as long as his mommy didn't pay too much attention to this little squawker! :-)

Thursday was a BIG day!  We went to the MN Zoo and got together with some of the Johnson cousins!  
The weather was nasty but the zoo was still fun.  And it's always a good time getting together with family.

The Johnson cousins (Just missing Hale and Zetta Mae)

What else is there to say?  We had a blast talking with Robin, Tate, Aunt Pat, J.J. and Erica. The boys had a ton of fun running around playing, and Gaard and Kaleb had fun being "naked buddies"!  (They got really muddy and had to run around in their undies all night)