Friday, June 17, 2011

Soccer with Kesslers!

June 3rd, we went to Alex's soccer game.  The girls, Ulrike and Christian were pretty excited to see Keegan (and us too!)  Alex, however, was pretty unimpressed.  He's just a baby after all. What were we all so excited about?! Lol. No really, I think he was just too wiped out to care much either way after his game.  

Caroline and Keegan
Elizabeth and Keegan

Way to go after the ball Alex!!  


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Babysitting adventure

On June 2nd I received a text from Custers (the family I was staying home with before Keegan) needing a last minute babysitter for Friday morning until 2. I thought for only Chloe... and I couldn't say no! I knew it may be a bit complicated, with a ten month old and a 7 week old, but thought I could probably handle it... Even though I knew that Chloe was now mobile!  I agreed that I would babysit.  On Friday morning I got up and got ready for them to drop her off. Only when Jen got to my house, she was dropping off BOTH girls!!  So, I would be alone with a 2 year old, a 10 month old and Keegan. BAH!!! But I acted like it would be no big deal... even though inside I was FREAKING OUT!  It turned out to be okay.  The only trouble was that my house is no longer mobile baby proof ;-) And Chloe found things to put in her mouth that the naked grown up eye could not see! Thankfully, all three of the munchkins slept some.  I had Chloe in the pack n play, and Keegan in his swing... and I convinced Vivian to lay down with me on the couch and she promptly fell asleep!  I had a blissful 30 minutes of silence.  And then Keegan woke up!
I ended up calling in reinforcements for lunch - Geoff!

Everything was all about "Ke-in".
Ke-in's hands, Ke-in's feet, Ke-in's head...
Milk for Ke-in.

She was enamored.

She found something...

The blinds were covered all winter, so they were brand new again!

And Chloe never was interested in them before!

She made him cry, and seemed pretty happy about it ;-)

Geoff and our girls!

Trip to Nebraska + shower

Memorial day weekend, Geoff and I took our first trip to Nebraska with Keegan.  We braced ourselves for a TERRIBLE drive... or I did.  Geoff seemed to think Keegan would be fine. He's always so positive :-)  We packed everything up (It's amazing how much you need for one little person...) and headed out. One of us generally riding in the backseat with Keegan.  Let me tell you - NOT COMFY!  But - the drive went much better for Keegan than for Mom.  I really can't stand long drives... especially not in an uncomfortable position.  Bah!  I get so cranky. Poor Geoff. He had to listen to me whine and occasionally listen to Keegan scream.

He needed a rest... Keegan too.
Along the way, we stopped in Iowa to introduce Keegan to Great Grandma and Grandpa Johnson.
They were very happy to meet him... even though he had a screaming fit while we were there.

Great Grandma Johnson & Keegan


Generations of Johnson Men

The Baby Whisperer

'Manda, Keegan, and Anna

Keegan and I went to pick up my cousin Amanda at the airport 
- she couldn't wait ANY longer to meet him :)  
- and then we went to Geoff's softball game with Anna.

Actin' Silly...
(Keegan's the football... yes I know - wrong sport)

wrapped in the blankie that Amanda knit!