Sunday, January 15, 2012

Shall we see if 2012 goes better?!

Ok, so clearly Geoff and I are not the bloggers we (I) had hoped to be!  But it's a new year and that means it's time to start over! Whoo hoo. 

Shall we try to catch up? Big moments and cute pictures -

October 2nd, Keegan's Dedication:

Keegan's First Halloween:
First Costume: My "Joey" in my Kangaroo pouch!

My little bowl of spaghetti!

Thanksgiving and Christmas with the Johnson's!

He's a-movin'!


Christmas Eve:

oops... just a cute pic... same outfit - Christmas Program.

Christmas Morning... well afternoon!

Looks like he may decide he likes daddy's condiments too!
Random Cuteness:

He loves chairs... go figure!

Oops... Christmas Eve :)

Aren't my magnets cool?!
 Daddy fell asleep while we were playing!!
Look at me!!

ok.. I'm a LITTLE tired... Maybe.

Not ready for our mover and shaker!