Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pop Rocks!

When Daddy's away... Auntie Anna and Mommy will play!!

Here Goes!!!

Geoff's 30th and the 4th of July

What a busy weekend!  Grandma, Grandpa and a family friend, Nikki, all came to visit.  It soon became clear that Nik was the baby whisperer!  Keegan fell asleep every time she took him!  We went to Duluth and to Aunt Pat and Uncle Tom's cabin... but the best part was being together.

Somewhere I am sure we have more pictures from this weekend... but here's what I found so far :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Back to work, daycare for Keegan, and Misc.

I was planning on going back to work June 20th... but then worked it out with my boss that I would work 4 ten hour days, so that I could have Mondays home with Keegan.  So on June 21st, I went back to work, and Keegan went to daycare for the first time.  All pregnancy (even before it was official..) I had planned on going back to Lake Harriet and having Keegan in the infant room there.  I was totally fine with the entire idea.  Calm, matter - o - fact... I loved working there, I loved my co-workers, especially my boss... And I know the lead infant teacher well. I worked with her for 2 years... She is my friend.  I know I can trust her with my baby.  And then suddenly... it was June 20th and it was my last day with him, my last night of not having to worry if I didn't sleep at all, because I could nap, so Geoff could sleep and not help with the night feedings - and I was a wreck.  I was in a panic. Worried about everything. Would I remember everything I needed?  Could I REALLY go back to work?!?  In the PRESCHOOL room?!? FULLTIME!?!  What WAS I thinking!?! How would mornings work? Nights?   What if Geoff fed him WRONG at night?!?  What if Keegan cried all day and they hated him?!?  What if I didn't bring enough milk? What if I ... what if... what if... what if?!? I cried and cried and cried. It was ridiculous.  Turns out - I was so NOT ok with this plan! :-)  But despite sleep deprivation - who wants to work at 7:30 in the morning?  (yes I know it could be WAY worse...)  And chaos in the classroom... we both made it through our first two weeks.  Keegan did MUCH better than me.  He is actually HAPPY at daycare.  He plays, he chills, he watches everyone.  They love him.  Even though he's a diaper waster, even though he eats an ounce and then falls asleep but wakes up 15 minutes later and wants more... they still love him.

And me? I am adjusting.  Slowly.  and about 40% of the time, I still panic.  How am I going to fit in pumping every day with out being a problem? How am I ever going to get control of 7 little boys - half of whom are like wild animals, several who are just naughty, and a few who get all riled up by the others... and 4 little girls?!?  We have no behavior management plan set up yet... I have to lesson plan... and set a daily schedule... and you get the idea...  But we are surviving. :)

Enough chatter... I'll get to what you all really want - PICTURES!!!


My cool dude in his shades!

Meeting Laura Rose Davis - Born June 8th, visited June 24th

Laura is Nathan and Amanda Davis' THIRD child... the other two, Jeremiah and Benjamin are happy happy big brothers... and they have been a part of our Bible study for... oh gosh, 4 years now? Almost 5!
He's touching me!!

Make him stop!!

As you can see - Keegan was chillin' like a villain... and Laura was so not digging him. :)
Or maybe she was just hungry... yeah that's it!

2 month appointment

12 pounds 5 ounces!!!!
That's really the big news - He's growing!  A lot!!

The rest of the appointment was unimportant...He got shots, which he was none too happy about and the doctor helped us get him to poop too. :) Which was good, cuz he had been SOOOOO cranky and sad.... 4 days is too long to wait.

In the hospital again...

After the graduation party, Geoff started to be in real pain, and spiked a major fever... that lasted through the night with chills and shaking too.  Finally Sunday morning, I told him we were going in.  Turned out, he had appendicitis and needed to have surgery. That night!  So, 2 months after giving birth to Keegan, Geoff was in the hospital, and I was the one who didn't want to leave him :) but leave him I did that night after surgery.  Thankfully, we were at my mom's, so Keegan spent the day with Grandma, while I spent the day in the hospital waiting.  We ended up having to stay in Cambridge for another night, which was VERY inconvenient, seeing as we'd only planned on staying over ONE night and leaving early afternoon. :) I didn't have enough bottles, wipes, cell phone chargers, or anything else we needed.  Oh well.  It worked itself out. And the next day, I brought Keegan up to visit Daddy.  

Geoff recovered a bit slowly but seems to be doing pretty well now.  Good thing I had one more week of maternity leave when all this happened!  He wasn't much help that first week! :-) 

Matt's Graduation

The first two weekends in June were taken up by my baby brother's graduation!  I can't believe he's all grown up!  I feel like it was just a few years ago that he was running around with a football or basketball lookin' all cute... and calling me "Dar".  :-(  Anyways.  Matt's graduation ceremony was June 5th and his grad party was June 11th... we had a very busy couple of weekends!!!!

It's been a long day...

Hey. What's up?


Saying Goodbye to Uncle Alex... until possibly CHRISTMAS!!!
Please don't leave!!!