Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fall fun!

Ok, so I did summer in September... It's almost February... time for fall pictures right?  Take it or leave it folks :) I mean well, really, but Keegan is a crazy tornado of activity.. it's hard to get any pictures... and let's face it - I forget sometimes that we have a blog.  Sorry!

Let's see...  In October, we went to a pumpkin patch (or so we thought.. turns out it was just a place with lots of pumpkins on pallets) with Grama Neecy.  He didn't care much for the pumpkins, but the goats, bunnies, chickens and TRUCKS? That was more up his alley!


Let me in with 'em Dad!

Got him!
Your caption here...

I'll just lean here and eat my mini donut...

And that in short, was our trip to the pumpkin place... As far as Halloween goes, I'm sure you all saw the pics on Facebook of our little Energizer Bunny, so I won't repost them here. 
Keep looking back, soon I'll get to Christmas and a Day in the Life...